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Who is Sister BJ (besides being our Keynote Speaker at Assembly)?

About Sister Barbara Jean Brown

Sister BJ, as she is known, is the co-founder of an Episcopal religious community called Anamchara Fellowship. She recently moved to Sheboygan Wisconsin. She was formerly Executive Director of the Interfaith Resource Center, a lending library in Maryland. She holds a BS in Theology from Marian College, Fond du Lac, WI and a Masters diploma in Celtic Christianity from The University of Wales, Lampeter, Wales.

Sister BJ has been an Episcopal Religious for 43 years. Her ministry over these years has ranged from parish and diocesan ministry for Children and Youth; being a retreat and conference leader; as well as being a traveling preacher/teacher and a spiritual director. She is the proud author of a book on the Christian Mystical tradition, called Convents, Jails and Other Tales, as well as a book that can be used for Lenten study called Six Smooth Stones. Her favorite ministry among all of these things has been leading pilgrimage groups to the UK and Ireland.

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