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One Past National President Writes About Another

Grace Sears, past DOK National President (2009-2012) is the current National Archivist. It is our privilege to read this Daughter's post in The Living Church about Ada Loring Clark, another past president of The Order (1934-1936). Grace, on the left, is pictured with Judy Bordelon on their 2018 trip to India in support of the International Daughters there. Grace is also vice president of the board of the Living Church Foundation and past editor of The Royal Cross.

The joy, the devotion, and the love that Ada Loring Clark had for God and The Order comes out plainly in Grace's article. Though Mrs. Clark wrote for the season of Epiphany in 1936, as we enter 2022's season of Advent 86 years later, her words resonate just as strongly today as they did then.

You can read the whole article by clicking the button to the left, but to whet your appetite, I will share a small section here.

"It may be that all I can do many a time will be just to kneel. But I can do that, can’t I? Just kneel?

And I hope that as I kneel I shall always be able to say with my lips and in my heart

My Lord Jesus, I believe thee, I worship thee, I love thee.

But perhaps I shall be traveling, or unable to have any privacy. Then I will kneel in the hidden place of my heart, in my thought."

Many thank to Grace Sears and The Rev. Mark Michael, editor of The Living Church for their gracious permission to use this article.

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