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Lydia Chapter: A Naming Story

Like other chapter in The Order, the Mary and Martha Chapter at St. John the Evangelist in Flossmoor, Illinois, did not meet in person during most of 2020. Membership floundered. By the beginning of 2021, however, remaining members were more familiar with virtual meetings and Zoom, and chapter meetings resumed using this new technology. To reaffirm our vows and to prepare potential new members, the chapter studied the “National Study Guide.” Then in July 2021, a Service of Admission and Rededication was conducted. With a renewed spirit then, members chose a new name: Lydia Chapter, inspired by the successful businesswoman who became a leader in the young church at Philippi (for her story in the Bible, see the Acts of the Apostles 16). Members of Lydia Chapter presented the chapter’s new charter to Reverend Jeremy Froyen during worship service on November 7, 2021.

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