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Living the Vow of Service

We have already enjoyed one full week of service for our dear volunteers in Laredo, TX with Catholic Charities! Sr. Rita Ann Teichman, Beth Longo, Lois Weed, and Maureen Walsh have been so grateful for your blessing and continued prayer. It is, as we know, hot this week in Texas! It's been over 100 degrees each day and yet, our volunteers have met many travelers in the Ropa Room for clothing, served lunch and dinner outdoors, and jumped right into the ways and flow of La Frontera. In their own words, they have "already come together as a team with a warmth and closeness we never expected"! 

Group Photo Left to Right: Maureen Walsh, Sr. Rita Ann Teichman, Beth Longo, Lois Weed. 

The group has shared about their continued deepening respect and admiration for the Catholic Charities staff that is on-site year round to support migrants and asylum seekers with basic needs, dignity, compassion, and care. Specifically, our volunteers have been moved by Sandy, the Shelter Center Administrator who "exhibits a genuine love for

J U N E 2 7 , 2 0 2 3 

the migrants and pride in the work of La Frontera". In a short reflection just yesterday, the volunteers wrote: "We know that we drop in for two weeks and leave, but we live in hope for change as one family at a time is welcomed, loved, and served." 

Sr. Rita Ann with some young travelers.

Migrants arriving.

Maureen in the Ropa Room with kiddos.

Their reflection continues: "Needless to say, our YES has brought us much purpose and satisfaction already. With 'eyes open, ears attentive, and spirit alert' we go into each day." And so let us, their community of love and support, continue sending prayers and good will to all relationships and realities at the US-Mexico border. May there be peace. May there be justice. May the bologna sandwiches continue to nourish and may there be praise! 

P.S. If you're interested in learning more, the Federation held a program earlier this month titled "Title 42: What Next?". This is a policy and prayer update from Kino Border Initiative & Haitian Bridge Alliance! Find it here:

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