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Let your wishes be known.

Updated: Feb 13

As the liturgy planning committee for our Province V Assembly Gathering met recently to discuss our annual Service of Remembrance, a question arose about whether to remember our Daughters at Large as a part of their Diocesan Assemblies or as a group of their own. This got us wondering about how the death of a daughter gets reported, especially when there is no chapter keeping a close eye on her wellbeing. A quick call to the International office confirmed that daughters’ deaths are all too frequently reported only when dues go unpaid.


That realization left us sad. Our relationship as sisters calls upon us to be, at the very least, praying for each other, now and at the hour, and after the hour of our deaths. Our Daughter’s Book of Services includes a Memorial Service for a Departed Daughter and the Service for a Departed Daughter to be used at a funeral, calling us to gather in prayer for our departed sisters at the chapter and at the Assembly level.   We also should be praying for the consolation of our sister’s family and friends who are in mourning.


To be blunt, we cannot respond to this calling if no one tells us that our sister has died. As good stewards of our relationships with each other, therefore, we ought to prepare our loved ones for the work of sharing the news of our passing with The Order of the Daughters of the King®. Our loved ones generally want to comply with our wishes, as long as they know what those wishes are.


In order to assist you in having those admittedly awkward conversations, we have created a “Daughter’s Wishes” Form that you can complete and store with your will (and other legal or otherwise important papers). Your loved ones and your fellow daughters will be glad you did.





Download DOCX • 25KB

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