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How to build a prayer habit.

When we become Daughters, we take a vow of prayer. Prayer is the first and most important spiritual practice that we can cultivate in our walk with God. It is also one of the most individualistic and varied practices that we as Christians do.

Much has been written about prayer by wiser and more connected people; I won't try to cover even a small bit of what's out there. A quick Google search can bring up tons of articles and books that you can explore to your heart's content. However, one does not make a habit of prayer by just reading about it. One must pray. You DO prayer - it's a verb. It's active. It's the breath of life you share with God.

So how does one build a prayer habit? Just like you build any other habit. Step 1: you determine that this is something you want to do. Skip this step and it will be like trying to build a stone pile with no bottom stone. Then, for just one day, pray. There - you've started! The next day, pray again. And so on. It doesn't matter what you pray, how you pray, where you pray, when you pray... just pray.

I like the 21-90 rule, but I modify it to a 7-21-90 rule. Have a goal to pray every day for 7 days. Evaluate the week and change whatever needs changing. Then pray every day for 21 days, then for 90. Keep track - mark off on a calendar or make small tick marks on the back page of your Handbook. If it helps, be accountable to someone else.

Build your prayer habit one stone at a time. Start today - with this prayer, from our Handbook:

Almighty God, help us to pray so faithfully that we may draw near to You and learn Your will. Help us to serve so joyfully that others may be drawn to You. May your Holy Spirit guide us each day, that all we think, do, or say may be acceptable to You. We ask all for the sake of Him whose cross we wear, our Savior, Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Carol Townsend, Jan 2 2022

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