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National Council Nominees

Two Daughters from Province V are standing for National Council: Celeste Hilliard and Carol Townsend. The biography statements of all the nominees standing for National Council are available for download on the National website.


You can find them: 

For other National Assembly Business Meeting information, including proposed by-laws and the Self Denial Fund mandate: 


Triennial 2024
June 26 - 30
Louisville, KY


The best place to get general information about Triennial (including hotel information and discounted room rate for DOK) is to go to the National Website. If you were told that the discounted rooms [as of March 7th] were sold out, please check again. 

For specific Triennial information relating to Province V: see below.

Province V Dinner and Picture

Dinner and Picture will be on Wednesday, June 26.
We need to be seated by 6:00 pm. (Louisville is in the Eastern Time Zone). 
The location will be announced at the close of registration.

Consider dressing up a bit for this one - and be ready to shine!


Province V Service Project

We are following the lead of our National Convention (Triennial): donate items or money to "Uniting Partners for Women and Children," a drop in day center that provides comprehensive services for those in need in Louisville.

For more information about the service project, click the link below.

Hygiene Items Needed:

  • Travel size lotion

  • Travel-size body wash/soap

  • Travel-size Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste

  • Deodorant

  • Scrubs or washcloths

Food Items Needed:

  • Individual Fruit /Applesauce cups w/spoon

  • Water bottles

  • Single-serving trail mix/nuts

  • Tuna pouch/pull tops & crackers w/spoon

  • Single-serving protein drinks/protein bars

  • Beef jerky/snack sticks

  • Cheese & crackers/ Peanut butter & crackers

  • Single serving Chips

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